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When a person loses or severely damages a tooth, it is critical that they receive a top-quality restoration. One of the best methods for doing this is a dental crown or a bridge. These custom-made restorations are designed to provide the function and appearance of healthy, natural teeth.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are used for restoring or replacing a single tooth. They are very versatile in their application, as a crown can be used to protect a damaged tooth or replace a tooth that has been lost entirely. Dental bridges are used to replace lost teeth. A bridge may be used to replace a single tooth, but it is most commonly used to replace multiple adjacent teeth. Both types of restorations are designed to appear and function just like natural teeth.

At Digital Dentistry of Yorba Linda, we offer options for CEREC single-visit crowns and traditional crowns and bridges made of porcelain and zirconia.

CEREC Crowns

CEREC is a revolutionary technology that allows us to provide a permanent restoration in just one visit. The CEREC process begins by taking digital photographs of the patient’s teeth and uploading the images to a computer. We then used computer-aided design (CAD) to create a custom model of your restoration. The model is then sent to a special CEREC milling machine located right in our office so that the restoration can be created. This usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes, and it can be applied immediately.

Traditional Crowns

A traditional crown is a restoration that is built in a dental laboratory using impressions of the patient’s teeth, and they require two visits. The first visit will involve taking impressions, and the follow-up visit will involve applying the crown. A crown can be installed on top of a damaged tooth in order to protect the structure and restore its appearance and strength. But a crown can also replace a missing tooth by being installed on top of a dental implant (which was previously placed in the jaw). Crowns are also used to provide support to dental bridges.


Dental bridges are most commonly used when a patient is missing multiple adjacent teeth. This type of restoration consists of two parts, these being the abutments and the bridge. The abutments consist of two dental crowns at each end of the bridge, and they are used to provide support for the rest of the structure. The bridge is the replacement teeth in the middle that “bridge” the gap where teeth are missing.

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Michael Hill

The staff were friendly and very informative. The dentist helped answer all of my questions. I would recommend this place to a friend.
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Greg T.

I went here for the first time today and was very pleased with my experience. They were willing to see me within 30 minutes of calling them because I had a severe toothache. The entire staff was very courteous and helpful.
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Bud Gminski

This office is very professional. They treat you for what’s needed and won’t try to sell you non-necessary services. They treat me (and from what I’ve observed all their patients) with courtesy, respect, and a friendly attitude. I have had quite a few Dentists in various places I’ve lived and this office is at the top. I am 100% satisfied.
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