Dental Implants in
Yorba Linda

Dental implants are titanium metal structures that are surgically placed in a person’s jawbone for the purpose of supporting one or more replacement teeth. Most dental experts consider implants to be the best method for replacing lost teeth. This is largely due to the fact that dental implants effectively perform the same functions as natural tooth roots.

Dental Implants in Yorba Linda

Dental implants help replacement teeth feel remarkably natural, and they keep these prosthetic structures completely secure. The titanium that is used in dental implants is known for its ability to fuse with the jawbone, which prevents the jawbone deterioration that happens as a result of tooth loss. Dental implants are used to support crowns, bridges and even complete dentures. Whether a patient needs to replace a single tooth or requires an entire new row of teeth, implants represent the optimal option for providing an effective and efficient restoration.

Our practice offers options endosteal, All-on-4 and Teeth-in-a-Day implants.

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants are the most common type of dental implants. They use a basic titanium screw that is installed in the jawbone. At the end of this screw is an abutment that supports a crown or a bridge. It is also possible to use multiple endosteal implants to secure a full set of dentures.

All-On-Four Implants

All-on-four implants are used in cases of severe tooth loss when a patient needs to replace an entire row of teeth. With this method, a complete row of prosthetic teeth can be properly supported using just four strategically placed implants that are inserted into the patient’s jawbone. Since only four implants are installed, the patient will experience a quick recovery time and a reduced risk for any implant failures or complications.

Teeth-In-A-Day Implants

Teeth-in-a-day implants are a unique treatment option that allows a permanent restoration applied to their dental implants immediately. Normally, a patient would have to wait out a potentially lengthy recovery period for their implants to fuse with their jawbone. This can be very inconvenient, as the patient will not have a restoration in place during this time. But Teeth-in-a-Day implants allow the patient can have their new teeth installed the same day as surgery.

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Review from Michael Hill
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Michael Hill

The staff were friendly and very informative. The dentist helped answer all of my questions. I would recommend this place to a friend.
Review from Greg T.
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Greg T.

I went here for the first time today and was very pleased with my experience. They were willing to see me within 30 minutes of calling them because I had a severe toothache. The entire staff was very courteous and helpful.
Review from Bud Gminski
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Five stars

Bud Gminski

This office is very professional. They treat you for what’s needed and won’t try to sell you non-necessary services. They treat me (and from what I’ve observed all their patients) with courtesy, respect, and a friendly attitude. I have had quite a few Dentists in various places I’ve lived and this office is at the top. I am 100% satisfied.
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