Teeth Extractions in
Yorba Linda

A tooth extraction is usually recommended when a tooth is too severely damaged to be salvaged or when a tooth is disrupting the functions of other teeth. Making the decision to remove a permanent tooth can be difficult, but there are certain cases when it is in the best interest of the individual’s oral health.

Teeth Extractions in Yorba Linda

In some cases, it may be in the best interest of the patient to have a tooth removed. Our goal when providing a tooth extraction is to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable and easy as possible for the patient. At Digital Dentistry of Yorba Linda, we offer IV sedation in cases when it is necessary to keep the patient comfortable.

Before removing a tooth, we start by taking digital X-rays of the area. This allows us to determine the safest and most effective method for removing that particular tooth. We then provide any sedation if necessary. Once the tooth is removed which typically only take a couple of minutes, we work to control any bleeding. The patient will be instructed to bite down on gauze for about a half an hour in order for a blood clot to form.

The blood clot must not be disturbed during healing. For this reason, we provide instructions to refrain from using a straw, rinsing vigorously, participating in intense exercise and consuming drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours. Additionally, most patients will not want to chew any tough foods for the next few days. Following the procedure, the patient can use an ice pack on the outer cheek to reduce swelling.

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Michael Hill

The staff were friendly and very informative. The dentist helped answer all of my questions. I would recommend this place to a friend.
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Greg T.

I went here for the first time today and was very pleased with my experience. They were willing to see me within 30 minutes of calling them because I had a severe toothache. The entire staff was very courteous and helpful.
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Bud Gminski

This office is very professional. They treat you for what’s needed and won’t try to sell you non-necessary services. They treat me (and from what I’ve observed all their patients) with courtesy, respect, and a friendly attitude. I have had quite a few Dentists in various places I’ve lived and this office is at the top. I am 100% satisfied.
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